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Enhance the Poster Session of your Event with the ultimate solution for Digital Poster

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    From the uploading phase to the displaying phase: on screens, web pages and mobile applications

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    The poster session for your event is more engaging with the vote for ePoster and Messages

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    A solid platform for uploading ePoster, to distribute and create an online library for the scientific community.

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the best solution forevents

  • The state-of-the-art of ePoster session. Digital Posters make the electronic Poster Session more engaging for an effective and meaningful communication of scientific information, thanks also to the distribution on application for smartphone (iOS and Android).
  • Visibility opportunities for Sponsors. A design that provides space for the inclusion of quality brands for entirely sponsored Poster Sessions: greater visibility.
  • Also usable in tight spaces. You do not need large exhibit areas: with a low number of screens, or PC, you can display an infinite number of ePoster. The Poster Session is no longer limited to the size of Event area: small areas are enough.
  • More captivating and easy to navigate. All the advantages of the digital technology applied tobgraphics and data: with ePoster you can navigate the file, graphics can be enlarged to be better displayed. The ePoster becomes more interesting with more usable data.

the best solution forPOSTER AUTHORS

  • E-mail Support

  • Multiple Login

  • No Transportation

  • No Printing Cost

  • Support for Poster Authors. During the loading phase we support the authors of the poster during the uploading phase on the website and for any doubt about the size of the poster, the resolution and the implementation of the correct format for the displaying phase at the Event.

  • A single access for different ePoster. Thanks to the password-protected area, a single author who has to upload multiple files, can do that with a single login. Within its area he will find all the reference data of all the files that he needs to upload, so he can load all ePoster in the right session with no mistakes.

  • Advantages of the digital technology. Digital Poster eliminate the inconvenience of the transportation of the paper Poster. Digital files can be easily sent, until the last minute from your office PC or from home. You can use smaller pictures and small font sizes since the Electronic Posters can be enlarged and can be always well displayed.

  • Reduced costs. Unlike the paper Poster, that has to be printed, the digital Poster can be updated over and over again, even at the last minute; it is therefore always up to date and the finishing touches can be made until the beginning of the poster session. All at no cost, obviously.




On App Store & Google Play

Along with teh displaying on LCD screens and PC, our platform includes the distribution of applications for mobile devices. An application for iOS and Android will be developed and released to be distributed via AppStore and Google Play Market for displaying Electronic Poster and profile of the authors and their social contact, to share information, comments and questions on the work presented

Why chooseMyePoster?

We know how an event works and what is really important. We know what the mistakes to avoid are. Our platform is created in the field and collects all the experience gained in recent years in the context of events and conferences.
MyePoster meets all requirements, both for the collection phase and for the displaying phase. It 's a comprehensive and flexible platform ideal for any event.
It 's easy to choose. Our platform collects, with a single price, all the features your Poster Session needs to become the best and most original.
Not a small thing: save paper and protect the environment! Less paper and more trees!